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Overland Storage REO 1500

I found one of these in a storage closet at work. It's an appliance intended for disk-to-disk-to-tape. This was bought before I got here, so I don't know the full story, but we're now using a Barracuda Backup server with their Cloud services... works fine.

Maybe I can repurpose the darn thing and get some use out of it. I put it on the test bench and fire it up. It's got an AMD BIOS, but it's password-protected. It boots to a LINUX prompt, but I've no idea of the login/password for it. Okay, let's check with tech support:


Support does not has [sic] the bios password. It is something we never access.

The REO 1500 is an end of service life product that we no longer support.

Here is a link to the REO 1500 user guide:

Well, that's simple enough. The User Guide is useless as it discusses how to use it with their custom operating system, but the response makes me feel better... I'm very okay with hacking on something that's EOL!

Okay, so I crack open the case and find some instructions on the inside of the case. That shows me which switch to throw to reset the BIOS password. Done.

No optical media drives, so hopefully you're familiar with XBOOT:

The REO 1500 has a 512MB SSD for boot. Works fine, but you'll need to modify the partitioning because by default CentOS 6.5 wants 500MB for /boot, configure it with whatever the max available is and you'll be fine. Oh, and don't forget to install your loader on that drive!

The CentOS 6.5 installation went fine after the /boot adjustment above.

There are four RAM sockets inside the REO 1500. On ours two had 512MB SIMMs. I think the REO 1500 will take up to four strips of the following RAM, but haven't tried this yet:
2GB SIMMs --
1GB SIMMs --

My REO 1500 has a 3Ware RAID controller with four physical drives in one, RAID 5 array for a total of 1.4TB. Guess I'll throw some larger drives in it and use it as our new LINUX mirror!

UPDATE (04 Nov 2014)

Later in July, we put in four of the 2GB SIMMs above and four 2TB Western Digital Black HDDs, with CentOS and it works fine! :)

UPDATE (13 Nov 2014)

When I posted on the 4th, I had just set up the RAID array, I hadn't tried to install the OS... unfortunately the OS didn't see the array, it did, however, see the individual drives if I left them outside the RAID array.

Turns out LSI Logic has a nice utility that upgrades Firmware/etc. on their 3Ware RAID controllers and others. Just download the LSI_PreBoot_Installer, install it to a USB drive, and boot from that USB drive to update the 3Ware controllers firmware, etc.

Once I did that, I set up the RAID array the way I wanted, but CentOS 7 didn't see the RAID array! I then booted from CentOS 6.6, just to check, and it finds the RAID array with no problem!

So, I'll go ahead and set up the machine under CentOS 6.6, and open a bugzilla report asking why CentOS 6.6 can see the RAID array and CentOS 7.0 can't.

NOTE: We have since retired this hardware in favor of something faster and more stable.

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